Monday, October 26, 2009

Methods to boost Your ClickBank Revenue

Let's tackle it -- one of the splendid advantages of ClickBank is furthermore one of its drawbacks: The affiliate program is straightforward to join, and ClickBank offers are straightforward to market.

Which means you may, and definitely will, tackle competition.

This article addresses two altered aspects of increasing your ClickBank profits. Initially, how to guarantee that you make the deal of a actual manufactured goods that you are marketing (other than solely bonus promotion strategies). Following, how to advertise other ClickBank services overall.

As you have made your affiliate link, one of the basic things you like to do is to be certain that your affiliate link is functional. If this seems like a no-brainer to you, let me tell you that it is not -- other on that in a second.

How do you check to be certain that your link is functional and you are receiving credited for the deal? Click on your affiliate link and go to the sales page. Click on the purchase button, and when you progress to the ClickBank purchase page, move down to the foot of the page, and you should see the centered text:
[affiliate = yourCBid]

Where "yourCBid" is your ClickBank affiliate ID.

Now, a number of people have worked out methods to "hijack" ClickBank affiliate IDs. And others have worked out services to stop that. One of these services is named Affiliate Hijacker -- and consists of hosting the real ClickBank sales page on your own domain. If you decide to do this, you must check with the ClickBank merchant to be certain that this is satisfactory with them. One sneaky affiliate uses this plan, but botched to put their affiliate id onto the page. Since the domain owner is confidential, the ClickBank merchant has no method of deciding who the affiliate is, but regularly receives profits from that page.

Ultimately, the method to guarentee that you get credited with the deal is to give a special and important bonus that the buyer can simply acquire if they can verify they bought the manufactured goods with your affiliate link.

Now, an extra method to boost ClickBank profits is to advertise other altered ClickBank services.

What's the simplest method to figure out this? Well, when you market a ClickBank manufactured goods, you must be performing so by having your ClickBank affiliate link on a site that you own. Why? Since, after having sent someone on your site you aspire to acquire them onto an email list. Become confident that you manufacture your visitor an incredible offer to sign up to your email list.

If you are marketing a fat loss merchandise on your page, give a number of important tips or perhaps coupons for diet advertisements in trade for signing up to your list. After on your list, you can market the first manufactured goods again, in altered methods -- but you may also market other fat loss-related advertisements that you discover on ClickBank.